Fields of Work for Interim Managers


Primus Omnium supports not only crises and change situations such as


Ø    financial rehabilitation

Ø    personnel management and development

Ø    rationalisation, turn-around and liquidity control

Ø    filling-in in case of vacancies

but also in the implementation and project management such as


Ø    interim operative management

Ø    realisation of company-specific financial rehabilitation

Ø    setting up and optimisation of corporate units e.g. IT, Controlling, Goods   Management and Procurement

Ø    negotiations and support with tariff agreements and company agreements and social plans

Ø    restructuring and transformations

Ø    process optimisation of the added-value chain


 Examples of where and how Primus Omnium can help you:


1.            Your company is just preparing a takeover. Primus Omnium will complement your negotiation team and/or will provide you with the management for this taken-over company for an agreed period of time.


2.    Your company wants to expand abroad, into a country that is regarded as being “critical“ in order to already be represented on the market today. Primus Omnium will help you and provides you with the appropriately qualified staff for this task.

3.    Due to particular circumstances an important person will be unable to carry out his work in your company for a longer period. Your company has not been able to prepare for this concrete situation. This key person must be provisionally replaced at short notice. In this case Primus Omnium will help you quickly, without complication and in a target-orientated way with a qualified interim manager who possesses high management and communication skills in order to steer your company through the „heavy seas“ in this critical situation.

These are only a few examples of how Primus Omnium can support your company.



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