About Us

Focused on People

Primus Omnium is a young, independent and privately run company in the sector of interim management and international cooperation. In this sector Primus Omnium offers multi-disciplinary consultation as well as project design and management. Many employees have already been active in interim management and international cooperation for several decades. Their field of activity ranges from the private to the public sector. 


The expertise of Primus Omnium lies in the sectors:


Ø  Water and Waste Water

Ø  Transport and Logistics

Ø  Financial Management

Ø  Capacity Building

Ø  Policy Analysis, Regional Policy

Ø  Trade Facilitation

Ø  Project Evaluation

Ø  Project Design

Ø  Information and Communication

Ø Rural Area and Environment


Primus Omnium carries out the projects entrusted to it in best quality and with the highest competence. In doing so great importance is placed on achieving close cooperation between all those involved. This ensures that the task in hand is recognised and realised.

Although a young company, Primus Omnium is in a position to form inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. To do so equal importance is placed on making sure these teams are well-balanced with regard to age, experience, and gender.


Just as the tasks and projects that are commissioned to Primus Omnium by its customers, vary greatly, the qualified junior and experienced senior experts who are available to Primus Omnium, are also very diverse.

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