It is for the benefit of Primus Omnium that it teamed with people have already been active in interim management and international cooperation for several decades. Their field of expertise ranges from the private to the public sector incl. large national telecom corporations, The World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, EuropeAid to name few.


The expertise of Primus Omnium lies in the sectors:


Ø  Water and Waste Water

Ø  Transport and Logistics

Ø  Financial Management

Ø  Capacity Building

Ø  Policy Analysis, Regional Policy

Ø  Trade Facilitation

Ø  Project Evaluation

Ø  Project Design

Ø  Information and Communication

Ø Rural Area and Environment


Primus Omnium carries out the projects entrusted to it in best quality and with the highest competence. In doing so great importance is placed on achieving close cooperation between all those involved. This ensures that the task in hand is recognised and realised.

Although a young company, Primus Omnium is in a position to form inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. To do so equal importance is placed on making sure these teams are well-balanced with regard to age, experience, and gender.


Just as the tasks and projects that are commissioned to Primus Omnium by its customers, vary greatly, the qualified junior and experienced senior experts who are available to Primus Omnium, are also very diverse.


Expertise 1: Capacity Building


At Primus Omnium there is agreement on the fact that project processes must be adapted to the requirements of the beneficiary and that the financial backing of the project must be guaranteed. This is formally supported by a project performance management system.


Personnel and Executive Development


Primus Omnium understands personnel development to be a component of organisation development. For us this includes in particular


Ø  team development

Ø  qualification measures

Ø  project management

Ø  change management

Ø  executive development

Ø  on-the-job training.

Good Governance


Primus Omnium accepts the OECD and EU criteria of good governance. Good governance also means that stable state institutions must be available. To achieve this, the stakeholders must be put in a position – depending on their own culture – to be able to take part.


Expertise 2: Project management, evaluation and monitoring


The assignment of tasks for Interim Management and development projects is often carried out under extreme time pressure and sometimes often in a social-culturally strange environment. Nevertheless project management results must achieve: 


Ø  a simple, flexible and quickly responsive project

Ø  the direct inter-disciplinary cooperation in efficient teams

Ø  a team leader equipped with clear competences

Ø  direct communication within and beyond the project

Ø  orientation of employees on the target.

Expertise 3: Promotion of economic development and competitiveness

An important condition for international cooperation is a sustainable regional and local promotion of economic development so that companies here in Europe and the partner states in Africa, Latin America and in Asia can remain competitive.


To achieve this, a participation of the stakeholders is necessary in the whole value-added chain and in the formulation of the promotion of economic development. In this respect Primus Omnium offers both consultation and, if necessary, also the corresponding training for the stakeholders.


Expertise 4: Customs, Trade, and Trade Facilitation


Over the past few years world trade has increased considerably in significance. This has led to a demand on the part of the leading trading nations for greater efficiency, clarity and uniform regulations in the international exchange of goods.


Amongst other things it is argued (APEC Survey) that the overcoming of trade barriers would contribute about twice as much as any tariff liberalisation would to the gross domestic product.


This resulted in trade facilitation coming to the fore even during the last WTO negotiations.


Although there is mostly agreement on the necessity of trade facilitations, some countries foresee difficulties in introducing modern customs and import regulations as well as modern technologies. 


In this field Primus Omnium offers technical assistance and capacity building in trade facilitation as well as the same in the implementation of the adjustable regulations and the technology.



Expertise 5: Transport & Logistics

This sector covers task and responsibility sectors that cannot be described in full at this stage. Research, innovative ideas and strategies demand the use of logistical systems and a dynamic job market that is globally orientated.

Fields of responsibility can be found in a factory for the car of the future, with airlines that are confronted daily with new challenges, be it new safety requirements, fuel prices, financial crises, concentration processes and low-cost concepts. These are only a few examples that are typical of the airline market. The economic significance of shipping for our well-being on the one hand and issues of competition among sea ports on the other hand, but also the tasks of railways and last but not least the linking of transport systems with an effective traffic network are well-known features of this sector. In other words, in this connection there are plenty of things that can be done:


Ø  Port reform studies

Ø  Transport infrastructure financing incl. public-private-partnership (PPP)

Ø  Designing a financial model for simulations

Ø  Drafting: basic principles such as policy, regulations and legal framework, including port reform, organizational charts, definition of competencies, etc.

Ø  Transport economics: Cost analysis, capital investment assumptions, operating expenditure assumptions, cost-benefit analysis

Ø  Transportation analysis: Estimate the impact of capital spending on transit service levels, multimodal impact of changes in transit service levels

Ø  Estimate transportation costs, impacts of changes in travel costs on business sales

Ø  Fiscal analysis: spending and revenue-generating patterns, relationships between revenue and spending pattern and its development with regard to the results of the transportation scenario;

Ø  Techniques for analysing economic impacts at a regional level,

Ø  Interoperability in transportation, freight forwarding on all modes of transport

Ø  Transport planning (aviation and shipping), advances in multi-modal technologies and communication tools

Ø   Transport policy, transportation economic modelling framework, allocation of operating expenditure by object class, multiplier effect

Ø  Airport & sea port management & operation

Ø  Aviation management & operation

Ø  ICT & MIS management & systems

Ø  Human resources management

Expertise 6:  Water & Sanitation Water; Solid Waste

For many countries the supply of suitable and sufficient drinking water is a great problem. This is often made even more difficult by the lack of waste water treatment. This also means an additional health hazard for the population due to the lack of sanitary facilities.

Primus Omnium works together with highly qualified personnel in this sector who possess years of international experience in this field:

Primus Omniumoffers its customers infrastructure drafts for water and waste water treatment plants to suit their requirements.

Primus Omnium is prepared to take on the operative management of the company. Primus Omnium ensures among other things the introduction of efficient processes of the supply company under the aspect of business management, price calculation, account sales and financing.

Primus Omnium can, if required, take on the planning and implementation of SAP R/3, e. g. of the modules CO, IF, MM including the account sales IS-U.   

Over the past few years the employees of Primus Omnium™ have repeatedly advanced their knowledge in the wide range covered by this specialised sector and will continue to develop it further:


Ø  Irrigation and drainage

Ø  Communal & industrial waste water

Ø  Desalination of brack- and sea-water

Ø   Water resources management

Ø  Process simulations

Ø  Project surveillance

Ø  Project management and business administration

Ø  Maintenance & technical management

Ø  Feasibility surveys,

Ø  Compiling of business plans

Ø  Flood control design

Ø  Earth works

Ø  Civil works design - structures, earth works & lining

Ø  River restoration


Primus Omnium™ is also available to help you implement your environment projects:


Ø  Energy extraction from waste

Ø  CO2  absorption by biological methods

Ø  Waste water treatment by biological methods


It goes without saying that our service includes compiling the “as is” analysis, “to be” concepts, and project management.


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