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A sincere welcome to the website of Primus Omnium Consultant & Management Company Ltd.


The aim of Primus Omnium is to be a service company of choice to be available practically and pragmatically to all participants in international cooperation. In doing so, Primus Omnium is aware that apart from a high professional qualification and readiness for action, it also requires cooperation with the actors in this sector. In particular these include those who are also to benefit from our work.


Although Primus Omnium is a young enterprise, most of the individuals of the company already have decades of international experience in the private and public sector including multilateral organisations alike The World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank, EuropeAid to name few:


Ø   Water and Waste Water

Ø   Transport and Logistics

Ø   Financial Management

Ø   Capacity Building

Ø   Policy Analysis, Regional Policy

Ø  Trade Facilitation

Ø   Project Evaluation

Ø   Project Design

Ø   Information and Communication

Primus Omnium invites visitors to this website to visit us as often as possible. We are grateful for any suggestions and for constructive criticism. We are pleased to publicise any contributions which we presume to be of interest to visitors to the website.








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